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Sometimes crises and traumatic events happen out of the blue. These events can immediately affect your productivity and bottom line. We can prepare all we want, but sometimes disaster can strike. It can be a fire, flood, leak, broken pipe, or many other reasons. The last thing you need is to interrupt your company’s flow and growth.

We here at Arize believe that business and industry are cornerstones of our community. We want to help you quickly back to work again. We provide a single-source solution for fire damage restoration, water restoration, mold inspection, and remediation services that also include reconstruction to your original pre-crisis state. That means saved time and money in the bank.

Fire Damage Restoration

If a fire strikes your business, Arize can provide a quick quote for restoration. Our fire restoration services make your property a good workplace again. Call us immediately after a fire. We'll work with your insurance provider to make it right.

Flood Damage/Migitation

Flood damage can bring your business to a quick halt and block cash flow in a flash. We respond rapidly within two hours of the event to assess the damage and immediately take action so that you can get back to business.

Water Extraction

We want to get you back to pre-damaged conditions ASAP. Your bottom line depends on this. Our licensed and experienced team uses the best technology and methods to quickly and efficiently extract water so that you can minimize damage and costs.

Stormwater Cleanup

We complete the drying/mitigation process to get your company/industry back to pre-crisis conditions. We also provide documentation to the insured and insurance provider. Then we do a thorough inspection to ensure your business site is dry, safe, and ready to return to normal.

Mold Inspection

Mold can start spreading on your property within 48 hours. A sick building is not in your business plan. Arize has the IICRC-certified expertise to quickly assess potential mold growth and an action plan to quickly and efficiently remove it.

Mold Remediation

Arize will remove mold so you can return to a safe and healthy work environment. The process includes containing and ventilating, then cleaning and disinfecting. We will clean or remove every affected surface to leave your space with a clean bill of health.


After remediation is complete, our team of experienced contractors will assess the work that needs to be completed in order to put your business back to its pre-disaster state. Then, we are able to complete reconstruction so you can get back to work.
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Your business is more than just a business. It provides opportunities and growth for employees, their families, and the local community. A sudden disaster can create a ripple effect that hurts everyone.

Arize can be there to help you restore and rebuild your business to where it was before. We save you time and money by being both a restoration and reconstruction expert. This single-source solution can save you valuable time and cost. We have the certified background to provide you with full restoration services so that your company can keep striving for excellence.
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